(letter above is rendered in GLSL fragment shader)


To learn more about text rendering by rendering text inside of a fragment shader


FreeType, a vector font format, specifies fonts as a series of quadratic bezier curves and line segments. I wrote some JavaScript that extracts a single character from a FreeType file, and tuns the strokes that define it into arrays. Then, I sent those arrays into shader variables, and draw the character in there. At first, I used seperate functions for bezier curves and straight lines, but switched to just using the single curve function to make the characters look more uniform. In theroy, I could import any font file, or even draw multiple characters, except I'm not sure what the upper limit is on inputting variables into shaders.

In the future, I want to fill in the character and figure out how to anti-alias it. There's already plenty that has been written about the first one, including a very good microsoft research paper published in Nvidia's GPU gems. However, AA is a litttle bit harder because there's no clear way to get a display's subpixel arrangement from OpenGL context.

Drawing vectors in shaders alone is pretty hard, but I do want to extend this. It would also be neat if I could figure out how to move arrays of undefined size into shaders. I think I can programatically change them, so perhaps I could alter the program itself with the array length before loading it. This is another weakness of OpenGL, the shader programming is simply not as powerful as Metal or DirectX.

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